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TruxMart Tonneau Covers- FAQS

TruXmart FAQS

What is the TruXmart Smart Fold? How is it different from other soft Tri Folding Covers?

The TruXmart Smart Fold is the first and only Soft Tri Folding tonneau cover to offer the exciting rear smart latching system. The Smart Latch system makes opening and closing your tonneau cover far easier than any competing tonneau cover. The TruXmart Smart Fold is a Soft Tri Folding tonneau cover with all of the same great features of the TruXmart Tri Fold, features such as:

  • Extra Large & Weater Tight Q Seal Gaskets
  • Robust UV Protected vinyl tarp
  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum Frame
  • “Pull to Tighten” Buckles (when cover is fully opened)
  • Anti-Abraisive coated ALL ALUMINUM front metal clamp hooks
    and much much more.

The TruXmart Smart Fold and its rear Smart Latching system allows its users to open the cover by simply pulling a cable located at the rear of the cover. Closing the cover it just as easy – push down to close!

Why is the TruXmart Smart Fold better than other Tonneau Covers?
The TruXmart Smart Fold and its patent pending rear smart latching system is far easier to operate than any other soft Tri Folding tonneau cover in the market today. With the TruXmart Smart Fold, GONE are the days of having to reach in to release clamps on either side of your truck’s bed. GONE are the days of being careful of how close your truck’s tailgate is to other objects. With the TruXmart Smart Fold, just pull the release cable located at the rear of the tonneau cover and its open!  Even if your truck is backed up very close to an object – simply open your truck’s tailgate just enough to access the release cable, and you now have full access to your truck’s bed. You can close the TruXmart Smart Fold with the tailgate UP or DOWN. Simply push down to close and your trucks bed is safe, clean, and dry!

Do TruXmart products come with a warranty?

Yes! All TruXmart products are covered with full warranties ranging from 1 year to full lifetime limited warranty. Please check the warranty for each product for specific details.

How does your warranty work?

Each TruXmart product comes with a unique serial number – once you have purchased your TruXmart product please visit our “warranty registration form” found on our website and register your warranty with this unique serial number. Activating your warranty means you do not have to keep your original receipt – as long as you have your TruXmart product you can simply call us with any warranty issues. All we need to do is verify that your details match the details that were registered.

Do TruXmart tonneau covers work work through car washes?

Yes! All TruXmart tonneau covers are built with the best quality parts and will not be damaged during soft and touch less car washes.

Can I operate my tailgate with a TruXmart tonneau cover installed?

Yes, TruXmart tonneau covers do no obstruct your tailgate. In fact, some TruXmart tonneau covers can be opened and closed with your tailgate up or down. TruXmart tonneau covers are even more secure with trucks that have tailgate locks. If your truck does not have a tailgate lock, an aftermarket tailgate lock can usually be found and installed by any of our fine dealers.

Are TruXmart tonneaus lockable?

No, the TruXmart line of tonneau covers are not lockable, however, you can only open a TruXmart tonneau cover by first opening your tailgate. If your tailgate is locked, you cannot gain access to your trucks bed with a TruXmart tonneau cover installed.

Are TruXmart tonneau covers easy to install?

The TruXmart line of products has been designed to be very easy to install. You do not need to have any mechanical skills and no drilling is ever required. At most, you will require a wrench or ratchet, a Phillips screw driver, and a pair of scissors. Any TruXmart tonneau cover can be installed in under 15 minutes.

Do TruXmart tonneau covers work with bed liners?

Yes, TruXmart tonneau covers work with spray in bed liners and under rail bed liners. TruXmart tonneau covers can work with OVER RAIL BED LINERS but you will have to modify the liner to gain access to your trucks bed rail lip.

What can I use to clean TruXmart products?

You can use any vinyl cleaner that is free of petroleum, silicone or citrus based solvents. Avoid vinyl conditioners as these can cause your cover to sag and wrinkle.

Are TruXmart tonneau covers waterproof?

TruXmart tonneau covers are made to be water resistant. From our 25 ounce double coated vinyl tarp to our extra-large rubber Q seal gaskets used around the entire underside frame, the TruXmart line of tonneau covers will keep your trucks bed clean, dry, and safe.