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Extang Solid Fold Tonneau Covers – FAQS

How easy is it to take the cover off?

  • The Solid Fold offers quick and easy installation and removal. Simply release the clamps at the tail, fold the cover and loosen the clamps at the cab.

Will the Solid Fold work with a drop-in bed liner that goes over the bed rails?

  • To perform the installation, we would need to notch the areas where the clamps will be positioned. The clamps must be flush against the metal of the truck.

I have a truck with a utility track system in the bed. Can I still use the Solid Fold?

  • Yes. The Solid Fold comes equipped with a supplemental clamp kit used to mount inside the track system.

What are the Solid Fold panels made of?

  • The Solid Fold is made from aircraft grade aluminum alloy material.

 How much does the Solid Fold weigh?

  • The Solid Fold weighs 50-75 lbs, (depending on the application).

What is the warranty?

  • The Solid Fold carries a 3-year warranty from the date of purchase, to the original purchaser/owner.

Can I stand on my Solid Fold?

  • Yes, however it is not recommended.

Does this tonneau cover lock?

  • The Solid Fold does not offer a locking mechanism, however if you have a locking tailgate your bed is thoroughly secure. Once the tonneau is installed, you must lower the tailgate to access the bed

Can I drive with my tonneau open?

  • Not while unsecured. The Solid Fold must be fully folded and buckled at the cab. You cannot drive with this tonneau partially open/folded.

How long does it take to install the Solid Fold cover?

  • Approximately 30 minutes.